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31 May 2006 @ 10:17 am
ahdjsakhdsa japanese cute dolls  
Okay those $500 dollies are rly pretty and I would love to have one to camwhore around with, but


I could spend that money on Muse instead. I could get a labtop. I could take a trip. I COULD DO LOTS OF THINGS WITH FIVE. HUNDRED. DOLLARS. Then each little outfit is $50. I don't even like to spend that much on myself much less some damn doll that is prettier than I am.

I wish these people would spend money on me instead of something that does not exist.

...but I would like to have a Luci dollie. ;~;
timotei timotei TIMOTEIIIIIIIII: [USAGI] Bunnysephirothgal on May 31st, 2006 05:00 pm (UTC)
hahaha BJD fever.
JesseBee: NO WAImerrymornings on May 31st, 2006 05:57 pm (UTC)
They are rly cute but not for that much omggggggggg