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Where people made of gumdrops greet you

merry mornings, Mr. Pine.

15 February
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"Teeth are for gay people. That's why fairies come and get them."

hay sup. I am Jesse. A 21 year old in Louisiana that is majoring in Secondary Education-Social Studies at some school that no one really cares about because nothing is really special about us except we have some CajunBot thing. If I don't know you I probobly won't add you. If I do know you...I probobly won't add you. If you are from Gaia you better have a good reason for adding me. If you are from school then you know I hate you already so it's okay.

I am very strange, very moody, write alot, hate everyone, and have strange sleeping patterns. I like Matt Bellamy, if you needed a fucking clue or something. Oh and Jake Gyllenhaal and Jonathan Togo. :9

Current News?: Muse album is slated for April May July of this year.
You suck.
Gaia sucks.